A spring breeze blows on LOGIBEL!

Lac-Mégantic, April 12, 2018 – With the announcement of the implementation of a new rail transshippig centre in Nouvelle-Beauce, LOGIBEL has the wind in its sails and takes this opportunity to renew its graphic signature and image on the Web! The mandate was entrusted to Quatorze Communications, which today presents the concept behind the renewed image.

Graphic signature

Thirteen years after its opening in 2005, LOGIBEL wanted to update its image. As the company’s offer revolves around transport logistics for the services of SMEs, the idea of partnership, complementarity and networking with its customers was omnipresent in the discourse. Inspired by this reality, a new signature was designed to bring to the forefront the link in a supply chain, a key concept for LOGIBEL.

The “E” of the signature suggests the lines bordering the roads as well as the railway ties on which the merchandise is shipped and delivered to the warehouse. A modern and uncluttered aspect was chosen to represent the company’s dynamism and positioning was added to clarify the company’s activities, namely warehousing and transshipping. Dark blue was retained as the dominant colour and punctuated with a bright blue to represent both innovation and continuity within the organization.

New Web Presentation

From the revision of the tree structure, to the writing of new texts, to the replacement of all the pictures on the site, LOGIBEL provided itself with a complete overhaul of its image on the Web, completed by the integration of its new graphic signature.

In order to present its service offering in a way that would optimize its search engine referencing, the content was divided to offer a page dedicated to each of its services, i.e., warehousing and transshipping.

Beautiful, up-to-date images of the warehouse and the transshipping area help to visualize the facilities and installations offered by LOGIBEL as a specialist in transport logistics. Archive photos belonging to the owner’s family have also been highlighted in the Profile page of the site, recalling the premises and practices of the time, in terms of transshipping in the Megantic region.

A news module has been added to the site to keep current and potential customers informed of current and new business topics, such as the progress of the project to set up the Centre de transbordement ferroviaire Nouvelle-Beauce.

The Contact page now displays the coordinates and geolocation of LOGIBEL’s two sites of operation in Lac-Mégantic as well as the site located in Scott, Beauce. For more information, contact LOGIBEL by phone or by using the contact form!

LOGIBEL, your logistics link!

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