LOGIBEL, your logistics partner

The creation of LOGIBEL was structured around the proposal of logistic solutions to meet the specific needs of customers. Our successes are based on complementary expertise, organizational efficiency, flexibility of operations and relationships based on trust. We ensure an efficient link between your production, the warehousing of your products, and the reception and dispatch of goods. Leave your products to us without worry, thanks to the excellence and complementarity of our logistics services.

More than ever, priority for the environment is at the heart of LOGIBEL’s actions.

The choice to increase the use of rail transport in all of our spheres of activity was made in order to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


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As the needs of each client evolve, so do we. We care about the prosperity of the entrepreneurs we work with. That’s why we build long-term partnership relationships. Since 2005, LOGIBEL has developed professional partnerships with various manufacturing companies in the management of raw materials or finished products. We have also made part of our facilities available to a partner client to allow the company to continue its growth with modernized production methods through the acquisition of specific and specialized equipment. This unique regional partnership model, developed with this client, has taken our service to the next level.


Shipping – Receiving – Transshipping – Warehousing – Logistics


In order to continue our progress and better serve our clients, a project to expand the warehouse and reorganize the transshipment service in a larger space near the offices is being developed over the coming months. Want to boost your activities? Contact us to find out how we can become your logistics link.

Strategic location

LOGIBEL is located in the heart of the MRC du Granit, between Beauce and Asbestos, at an optimal distance from the markets to be served, whether by road or rail.