LOGIBEL’s history

Rail transshipment is a family affair for the Audet family. Fernand, the father of Executive Director Béland, paved the way for his son by developing wood transshipping services for the pulp and paper industry in the mid-20th century.


Several years later, Béland Audet carried on the family tradition with the creation of the LOGIBEL company in 2005. The company started its operations with the construction of a first warehouse in Lac-Mégantic. The expertise of our managers has allowed LOGIBEL to transform difficulties into opportunities and to take up the challenges of diversifying services to ensure the sustainability of our company. Over the years, LOGIBEL has invested more than $4.5 million in the development of its services to meet the needs of its customers.


Always striving to exceed client expectations, LOGIBEL moved to the Beauce region in early 2018. The natural link between Lac-Mégantic and the Beauce region has existed for many years. At the time, the Quebec Central Railway linked Québec City to Lac-Mégantic, via Scott. Today, LOGIBEL’s managers are rebuilding by following the opposite route, from Lac-Mégantic to Scott.


Since its creation, LOGIBEL has been managed by Béland Audet and Charles Fontaine.


Thanks to their leadership, their ability to build and maintain long-term professional relationships, their experience in setting up structuring projects and their ability to operate profitable and useful projects, they have been able to rally many partners around their organization over the years.


In addition to being an experienced entrepreneur and having a vast network of contacts in the logistics and transportation field, Béland Audet belongs to the category of citizens committed to the development of their community. With more than 30 years of experience in logistics, specializing in both rail and road transportation, the entrepreneur from Lac-Mégantic spends his free time volunteering to manage several major projects for the region’s economic and tourism development.


For his part, Charles Fontaine is a multi-talented individual with a passion for life. In addition to participating in LOGIBEL’s administrative operations, he is also fire chief for a municipality in the MRC du Granit. He operates a 10,000 tap sugar bush and specializes in the efficient management of computer technology.


To offer environmentally friendly logistics solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients by establishing long-term relationships.


To allow entrepreneurs in the Granite and Beauce regions, and eventually the Appalachian region, to prosper and expand their markets by contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the use of rail transportation.


The success of LOGIBEL Inc.’s operating model is based on complementary expertise, organizational efficiency, flexibility of operations, and relationships based on trust and respect (for the client and the environment).