50,000 square feet of indoor capacity

We offer each client a personalized service that exceeds expectations. We offer our customers in the Lac-Mégantic region and the MRC du Granit a turnkey warehousing service including handling with indoor or outdoor shipping and receiving via the loading docks. Inside, a modern 4,645 square metre (50,000 square foot) warehouse awaits your merchandise in a clean and climate-controlled environment. The height of 7.6 metres (25 feet) facilitates storage. Our services are used by a manufacturing and industrial clientele.


LOGIBEL ensures the safe storage of your products, thanks to its indoor warehouse equipped with sprinklers and a security system, an intrusion and fire alarm connected to a central station and controlled access for staff.

Three outdoor warehousing sites

In Lac-Mégantic, two warehousing sites are set up near the offices. A first depot of nearly 7,000 square metres (75,000 square feet) provides the link between warehousing, shipping and receiving of goods at an interface between the rail and road transportation networks. The second site, with a capacity of 1,600 metric tons, is developed to store bulk products in four organic grain elevators.


In Scott, the storage yard is nearly 3,000 square metres (30,000 square feet) in size.


Our indoor and outdoor sites accommodate the
storage of a variety of products:

  • Manufactured products
  • Bulk products (wheat, corn, etc.)
  • Various raw materials (steel, granite, wood, etc.)